NOTE:  If a diaper client is caught selling diapers, they will no longer be able to receive diapers.

If you need diapers, register as a client at a partner agency

As a support agency, The Diaper Alliance does NOT give diapers directly to families.  If you need diapers, please see our list of partner agencies and become a registered client.  That way, you can request diapers at THAT agency.  Every partner agency has their own way to distribute, but you MUST be a registered client.  Once you are signed up, you can receive 60 diapers per month for your children.  For a list of our partner agencies, click on your county below.  

partner agencies (Please Click on your county)

Midland COunty     Saginaw County     Bay County     Clare County



Midland County DHS clients with open cases can pick up diapers drive-thru style at The Diaper Alliance on the third Friday of each month between 10:00 and noon.  *You MUST bring your Bridge Card each month along with a photo ID.*  Only Midland County DHS clients qualify for this distribution.  The address is:  3700 James Savage Road, Midland, MI.