Adult Support

Incontinence...a thief of dignity

Costing $1 or more apiece, many seniors on a fixed income cannot afford incontinence supplies.  These otherwise healthy seniors often find themselves staying home rather than taking a chance of having an "accident" in public.

At The Diaper Alliance, we believe that seniors deserve their dignity, so we strive to meet their private needs by operating our adult program in a discrete way.

We accept donated incontinence items (in sealed labeled packages, please) and offer them to seniors at no charge.  We do not require any proof of income to prove need.  It only takes a phone call, and if we have what is needed we place them in our 'diaper bin' so that the caller can pick the items up privately when it is convenient for them.  To request incontinence items, please call 989.495.9226.

Thanks to Altria* and Blessed Sacrament Church, we have funds to purchase incontinence items in 2017, to help to restore dignity to seniors struggling to make ends meet.